👋🏻 Hello! I'm Guilherme!

Developer since 2011, I consider myself as a continuous learner. I like to read new books, try new things, and travel around to shape my view of the world. I’ve been always curious about how digital is shaping our future (I expect good) and how is my responsibility as a developer on it.

In my earlier career, I had the experience to construct a SaaS platform. It was an application with a services built-in. From a Social network, until Bank system where you can buy some virtual coins to spend inside the platform. I learned a lot about XP, TDD, 12 factor apps, RoR.

Then I moved to E-commerce/Omnichannel platform. I had the pleasure to start constructing from the beginning using great technologies like MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Laravel, AWS.

From that time, the teams starts to grows. We need to scale it. I decided to learn more about Management, Flow, Discovery customer needs that allowed me to navigate and help my team to improve explore Customer purposes and discard what was not need to be done.

“Don’t build features that nobody needs right now. Don’t write more specs than you can code. Don’t write more code than you can test. Don’t test more than you can deploy." Corey Ladas, Scrumban: Essays on a Kanban System From Lean Development Software.

My current topics of interesting:

  • Microservices and Modular Code.
  • API Design with: GRPC, REST, Graphql.
  • Golang and ecosystem.
  • TS / JS ecosystem mainly  Nest.js
  • Transformation of teams: 4 key metrics.